Counterfeit Fields

  • Magnetic – Does the coin stick to a magnet?
  • Diamagnetic – Does the coin exhibit diamagnetic properties? (A distinct drag when exposed to a powerful, moving magnetic field.)
  • Ring – When struck, what is the pitch of the sound it produces compared to a genuine coin?
  • Weight – In grams.
  • Diameter – In millimeters.
  • Thickness – In millimeters.

Counterfeit Slab Fields

  • Slab Type – Which Third Party Grading Service does this slab mimic?
  • Cert # – What certification number is listed? Click it to go right to the TPG’s verification lookup.
  • Fake’s ID – What is The Black Cabinet ID of the coin in the holder, if known.

Shared Fields

  • Date Attributed – When was this variety first discovered?
  • Identifier – What person or group first discovered it?
  • ID Number – The Black Cabinet’s variety ID.
  • Population – The number of specimens in The Black Cabinet’s stacks. If in parentheses, indicates the number of examples held in private collectors’ holdings. Can list both.

General Terms

  • Counterfeit – A copy of a genuine coin, manufactured to pass as real.
  • Altered Coin – A genuine coin altered in some manner to make it more desirable.
  • Counterfeit Slab – A forged certification holder (“slab”) that may or may not have a genuine coin in it.
  • Counterfeit in Genuine Slab – A counterfeit in a genuine certification holder, either mistakenly certified as genuine or tampered with.
  • Sandwich Coin – A type of Altered Coin where two genuine coins combined to match dates with mint marks or other features.

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