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Morgan Dollar

Named after the engraver, George T. Morgan, these silver dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904, and then again in 1921 with brand new master dies. After the rise in price of precious metals in 2009, counterfeiters are often found faking even common dates in this series.


Identified on eBay on the Collector’s Universe Forum. A fake holder with an obviously counterfeit coin inside. The label’s font and layout …


A base-metal counterfeit bearing a fantasy date. There were no Morgan Dollars minted in Carson City in 1891. There is also a …


The first counterfeited PCGS Edge View holder found in the wild. Originally discovered on the CoinTalk Forum. Cert number is invalid.


A fake Morgan Dollar found in a fake PCGS edge view holder which sold for 1/20th of what a genuine coin would …


A counterfeit GSA holder identified by NGC with a counterfeit coin in it. Of nearly identical composition to CS-S$1-1881CC-GSA-0001.


This coin was found inside a fake GSA holder and has several identifying features.