1960-D Large Date

Obverse: 1960-D 1C | PCGS MS67RD | Small Date | 2869.67/12127020
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This is perhaps one of the most fascinating counterfeit slabs I’ve seen to date as it represents an unintentional reproduction of an error.

Closeup of the coin in the counterfeit slab.


Upon inspecting the date of the coin in the holder, anyone who is familiar with the variety (Small Date vs. Large Date) realizes that although the holder states “Small Date” it is in fact a Large Date 1960-D. That is an initial red flag as the Small Date variety for this year is significantly more valuable than the Large Date.

However, things take a curious twist if you look up the Cert Number on PCGS, as the database itself lists this coin as having a Large Date! So, this appears to simply be a slab in error. PCGS has graded millions of coins, and they do make mistakes.

Things get even more curious, though, if one hunts down pictures of the genuine slab. We see the same thing: A Large Date coin in a Small Date holder… but the label doesn’t quite match our counterfeit.

Label Comparison
A comparison of layouts.


The differences are subtle, but hold very serious implications. Where it is quite possible for this coin to have been re-holdered, and thereby given another label, the chance that PCGS would miss the error which is corrected in their database for a second time is infinitesimally small. As a result, there is no way for our coin to be the genuine article, which requires a very curious scenario to have unfolded in this counterfeit slab’s manufacture:

  1. The counterfeiter found a desirable Small Date label attached to this cert number.
  2. They created a fake slab with that cert number.
  3. To better avoid immediate detection they used a genuine Large Date coin instead of a counterfeit.

In essence, the slab reproduces the error, but by inadvertently using a coin of the correct variety which is what actually appears in the database. The only thing that gave this away was the fact that the label’s formatting did not line up with that of the original label… which was very subtle.

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June 28, 2013
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