About The Black Cabinet

cropped-282655_538422382864381_326308310_n.pngWhat is The Black Cabinet?

When coin collectors have a collection of counterfeit coins for their own personal reference, such a collection is generally known as a “black cabinet.” Likewise, The Black Cabinet is a database and reference library of counterfeit American coinage currently in circulation. Its purpose is to educate coin collectors and the general public about counterfeits and their impact upon the hobby.

Who Runs This?

The Black Cabinet is a service maintained by RogueLeaf. Staff and volunteers include:

  • Steve Caruso, MLIS, Curator and General Editor
  • Thomas Walker, Volunteer Contributing Cataloger

Partners, Affiliates, & Friends

pageheader1The Black Cabinet‘s data is integrated with Coin Community Family’s US Coin Facts listings in a further effort to help educate the public. Coin Community Family is one of the largest and oldest numismatic message boards on the Internet with a vibrant and well-experienced community.

Can I Help?

We’re always looking for assistance in finding more information about counterfeits presently circulating. If you have any specimens, please consider submitting them. If you would like to help maintain the database or help with cataloging, please give us an email.

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