Counterfeit GSA Morgans

Today I’m going to work on entering in a number of counterfeit GSA Morgan Dollars into the database. They all have similar construction and have been found over the course of the past few years by collectors and Third Party Grading companies.

Most, if not all of them, likely come from a man who was arrested in Merinden, CT in 2014, but they keep popping up as more and more collectors realize they’ve been duped.

They all appear to have been made using genuine Presidential Dollar plastic holders, but have black cardboard inserts with foil-printed letters rather than plastic inserts with embossed letters like genuine GSA dollars have, and the counterfeits held in them vary.

Not much of this information has been collected in one place, and reports are sporadic and hard to find. I hope that compiling this information will be of genuine help.


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